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Suitable for primary school children Year 3 to Year 6

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Week 1
September 25 Monday Port Macquarie Sports Stadium Ninja Battle: Speed vs Accuracy
September 26 Tuesday Sea Acres Rainforest Centre Step into Spring
September 27 Wednesday Port Macquarie 1st Sea Scouts Hall Engineering Challenge
September 28 Thursday Port Macquarie 1st Sea Scouts Hall Kitchen Chemistry
September 29 Friday Port Macquarie 1st Sea Scouts Hall Operation Save our Seas – Artful Findings

Week 2
October 2 Monday Sandy Green Salon Spring Chemistry Makeover
October 3 Tuesday Port Macquarie Library Tech Room Maths Magicians
October 4 Wednesday Flynn’s Beach SLSC Hall Weather Watchers
October 5 Thursday Port Macquarie Library Tech Room Engineering 101
October 6 Friday Sea Acres Rainforest Centre Lost Habitats: Lost Animals
Days and Price for one child:
Days Price/Day Total Price Tax Final Price
1 $45 $45 $4.50 $49.50
2 $45 $90 $9.00 $99.00
3 $45 $135 $13.50 $148.50
4 $45 $180 $18.00 $198.00
5 $45 $225 $22.50 $247.50
6 $45 $270 $27.00 $297.00
7 $45 $315 $31.50 $346.50
8 $45 $360 $36.00 $396.00
9 $45 $405 $40.50 $445.50
10 $45 $450 $45.00 $495.00

Terms and Conditions

·         Minimum 5 students per class - maximum 10 students per class

·         Light healthy refreshments will be provided

·         Students bring their own labelled water bottles

·         All materials supplied and included in price

·         Participating students are to be signed in on drop off and collected by parent /guardian

·         If participant is not collected within a reasonable time (up to 30 minutes) after session finishes, an extended care fee will apply per 15 minutes and billed to parent/guardian at a rate of $20/hour

·         All medical conditions, allergy, dietary or special needs must be disclosed at the time of registration

·         No make-up classes

·         No refunds

·         Registration is done through the Eureka Explorers website

·         Payments are done online or at the bank through direct deposit



I hereby give permission for my child to attend the scheduled sessions at the designated locations.

Participation in the class carries a risk of physical injury.

I give consent to Eureka explorers to administer necessary first aid and take my child for emergency medical care as needed. In the event of an emergency, guardians will be called within the hour at the emergency contact information listed.

I understand and consent to the fee structure as detailed in the fees section of the information provided.  

Fees will be paid in full prior to program participation.

Eureka Explorers is closed on public holidays.

Make up sessions and refunds are not available.


I hereby indemnify KP International Group PTY LTD trading as Eureka Explorers and its agents against any claim by me on behalf of my child’s participation in relation to any injury sustained to my child’s person or damage sustained to his / her property.

Should it be considered at any time that the child requires medical assistance or hospital treatment, I hereby direct and authorise staff to obtain this assistance if needed.

Inappropriate, disrespectful or aggressive behaviour of any sort will not be tolerated and may result in immediate cancellation of participation with no refund or further discussion.

Eureka Explorers reserves the right to refuse enrolment without reason at any time.


By clicking on the checkbox below you agree to the terms and conditions as set out above.

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